How Much Weight Can You Lose After Lap Band Surgery?

lap band surgeryIf you’ve been struggling for a long time to lose weight with no success – despite having tried everything – then weight loss surgery may be right for you. If you’ve already considered weight loss surgery, lap band surgery may be the perfect choice.

Lap band Houston is becoming increasingly popular because it is minimally invasive, it’s adjustable, and it’s also reversible.

The question is, how much weight can you expect to lose following this type of surgery?

Rate of Weight Loss Following Lap Band Surgery

You can expect to lose weight rather rapidly following lap band weight loss surgery. However, the rate is typically a bit slower compared to other types of surgical procedures. That’s because there is no malabsorptive element with lap band surgery like there is with gastric bypass surgery. You’ll still continue to absorb all nutrients that you consume from food, which is a good thing from a nutritional standpoint. Your body will certainly not be deprived of its nutrients.

After a successful lap band surgery, patients continue to lose weight for at least a year or two, and with healthier lifestyle changes adopted, weight loss can still continue well into the third year.

It should be noted that you will lose about 50% of your excess weight with lap band surgery. Your excess weight is calculated once your ideal weight is determined. There are several different formulas that can be used to calculate your ideal weight which your physician can help you determine.

More Than Just a Physical Change

With lap band surgery, you will experience more than just a physical transformation. The process is also a highly emotional one. You may feel as though the weight is just falling off at first, then you may feel as though you’ve plateaued by the second month. That’s because hormones are impacted while you lose weight which can have a significant effect on your mood.

In order to be successful with lap band surgery, it’s important to change your diet and lifestyle. Weight loss surgery is not meant to just help you lose the initial weight – it’s also meant to give you a head start on adopting a healthier lifestyle so that you never find yourself obese again. You will need to incorporate regular exercise into your routine and find a support system that will help prevent you from cheating.

Understanding how much you can expect to weigh following lap band surgery will give you a goal to strive for. The amount of weight that you can expect to lose after surgery should be your first goal, whereby the second should be achieving a healthy and active lifestyle. With lap band surgery, you can kick-start your new healthy life and enjoy more energy going forward.